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Philosophy Club


What Is The Philosophy Club?

The Undergraduate Philosophy Club was created to provide philosophy students the opportunity to interact with each other and with faculty, both to share similar interests and to discuss philosophical issues, hold study sessions, host forums, and to present papers.

Topics have included game theory, psychopaths, and philosophy of film.

Who Can Participate?

Everyone is encouraged and welcome to attend any Philosophy Club meeting, forum, or discussion.  Students from all disciplines regularly attend club meetings and add a great deal to the diversity of views held and opinions contributed to our discussions. 

This semester the club will continue with its mission of being a venue for stimulating philosophical dialogue.  This semester we will be trying to reach out to other academic disciplines in order to discover and appreciate the ways in which they can inform philosophy and the ways in which philosophy can benefit them.  We will try to do things like debates, co-discussions, expert panels from other disciplines, and maybe inter-club extracurricular competitions such as bowling contests and board game showdowns!

 There are no club dues and you don’t need to sign up or do any kind of homework for the club.  Steady attendance is not required and you can come to as many or as few of the meetings as you’d like—you won’t be left out of the loop if you can’t make it every week.  No expertise is required; we can work with any background and any level of familiarity with philosophy.  One need only be curious and respectful to participate.     

The philosophy club is not just for philosophy majors.  Philosophy has very broad application and philosophy can be applied to any subject.  Trying to find a counterexample?  Congratulations, you’re doing philosophy already!  Disagree?  Come to philosophy club and give an argument why!  If you think that science has obviated the need for philosophy, come give us your argument!  If you think philosophy is a distracting waste of public resources in which problems never really get solved, come give us your argument!  If you think there is a certain political position that we all ought to be supporting, come give us your argument!  If you think video games have a problem with the way they present women, come give us your argument!     

FacebookIf you have any questions, please contact the philosophy club leader, Audri Dara ( The club will meet on Tuesdays, from 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm for Spring 2021. Temporarily, the club is meeting on Zoom.  Also, drop by the club's Facebook page:

Hope to see you soon!

Last Updated: 2/4/21