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Undergraduate Forms

Declaring a Major or Minor

You do not need a special appointment with an Advisor to declare, unless you are declaring in conjunction with mandatory advising.  It is stongly recommended that you come in to familiarize yourself with the opportunities available in the Philosophy Department.

If you've read and understand the relevant requirements for your chosen program, you are ready to declare. Download, fill out, print and sign the appropriate form and bring it to the Philosophy Department between normal business hours.

Alternatively, you can pick one up from the  Receptionist (during normal business hours) and fill it out in a matter of minutes. If you would like an appointment with an advisor, contact Connie Corbett or Lex Newman.

Acceptance into the program for an Honors Degree in Philosophy requires a bit more work. For full information, go to the Honors Degree page.

Undergraduate Grading Rubric

Individual instructors in the department are free to adopt the grading standards of their own choosing, among the large variety of appropriate grading standards available. Many of our instructors have opted to use the following grading rubric.

Grading Rubric

Honors Course Substitution

Last Updated: 8/31/18